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Make Lots of Noise

This isn’t something I regularly find myself saying to my kids. But a couple of bears are hanging around the neighbourhood. Yesterday one came to our side of the mountain. Balto chased it off. Whenever the kids are heading outside … Continue reading

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The lake had been frozen over for about four days, so yesterday the kids and I did a little exploring along the shoreline. We walked along the ice and all my axe tests showed 6-8 inches of ice. Still, we … Continue reading

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Captured on a neighbour’s trail cam in November. Found this post in my drafts.

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Nature Action

Yesterday at lunch or supper (can’t remember) the whole family was at the table and Gabe and I suddenly both saw something, gasped, and said something like “what was that?” We saw a bird swoop up and then straight down, … Continue reading

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There is a constant rotation of creatures on the back deck these days. Newts, newts, and more newts. Giant tadpoles. Garter snakes. And now, baby bunnies. Not on the back deck, though. In the house. Jaska got into a nest … Continue reading

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Like a New Dad

  I came home from my cello lesson to two boys on the street corner, very excitedly shouting and gesturing something. “Baby praying mantises. We found baby praying mantises!” And ever since I have listened to Zach, sounding like a … Continue reading

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Catching Up on the Past Week

….. this and that…… nothing in particular…… About one week ago there was still a lot of slime play happening.  That’s kind of lost it’s novelty for the time being.   Gabe chopping vegetables for tropical gazpacho. Zach’s turn to … Continue reading

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Nature Display – Restoring Order

The boys and I worked on a big job a couple of days ago. I really should have taken a before photo. The nature “display” was a nature disarray! I mounted the two narrow shelves (that have been kicking around … Continue reading

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Babies at the Pond

We’ve been suspecting this for weeks, but after daily investigation and observation we’d nearly abandoned the idea. Then this morning Noah spotted them! “Geese”! It looks like six goslings. So, so sweet!

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I found the place that we’ll squat this summer until we get discovered and booted out. 😉 I guess we could just rent a campsite! We had some plans get cancelled and the only thing holding us home still was … Continue reading

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