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Make Lots of Noise

This isn’t something I regularly find myself saying to my kids. But a couple of bears are hanging around the neighbourhood. Yesterday one came to our side of the mountain. Balto chased it off. Whenever the kids are heading outside … Continue reading

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Portraits and Pop-ups

A couple of days ago Ben drew the picture on the left. It is a self portrait. Yesterday, after a little bit of instruction, look at the picture he drew of Zach on the right!  (Zach is holding a garter … Continue reading

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He’s Nine! And other things.

  Thursday morning pancakes.  Flour on the floor, in the grapes, the pajamas – check, check, check.  Happy little boy – check. Zach baked his own poppy seed birthday cake pretty much on his own.  Then he pestered me for … Continue reading

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Small Steps Toward Reduced Use of Technology

A while back we were having a conversation about things we’d have to do differently in a solar powered home.  I said that I’d like to start changing some habits now…. like not using a microwave, or toaster, or having … Continue reading

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“I see, I see…….

….. Fibonacci sequence!”

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Typical Couch Activity

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What’s happening around here?

13 Litres of salsa from farmers’ market stuff.  16 more cups of chopped plum tomatoes in the freezer for more canning when we get back…. thinking bruschetta topping. Anyone got a good recipe?  Naturally fermented dills. I used this recipe … Continue reading

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Friends, Bugs, Tadpoles, Knitting

The week……. A fun day with friends’ at their new place.  A spontaneous bonfire supper – s’mores included.  Kids having lawn tractor rides by pushing each other on it.  Ben stealing a kiss.  Little puppies yip their little heads off … Continue reading

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Stamps, Flowers, Knitting

I bought Printing by Hand: A Modern Guide to Printing with Handmade Stamps, Stencils, and Silk Screensa while back and had lots of plans for projects. I couldn’t find rubber blocks for making our own stamps anywhere local, though, so it’s … Continue reading

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About Noah

I mentioned in the last post how Noah had complimented my knitting.  Tonight, again, he came upstairs – late – and with a sheepish grin, walked and then ran into my arms.  He snuggled for a while as I helped … Continue reading

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