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Make Lots of Noise

This isn’t something I regularly find myself saying to my kids. But a couple of bears are hanging around the neighbourhood. Yesterday one came to our side of the mountain. Balto chased it off. Whenever the kids are heading outside … Continue reading

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Projects Complete

As posted previously, we continued work on the doghouse on Wednesday. These are the photos to go along with that. Gabe, Ben, and Noah all did a little staining, but Gabe alone continued and was a real, big help. While … Continue reading

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A bunch of stuff

Saturday Sunset The entire day was gorgeous.  I spent a good chunk of it in the city running necessary and not as necessary errands.  We found out the day before that the dry land stuff was beginning at the ski … Continue reading

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Nature Action

Yesterday at lunch or supper (can’t remember) the whole family was at the table and Gabe and I suddenly both saw something, gasped, and said something like “what was that?” We saw a bird swoop up and then straight down, … Continue reading

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Everyone and Their Dog

On Saturday we hit the beach.  The first time we visited this beach, I was struck by the beauty of it.  I envisioned summer days frolicking on its sands, camping, biking, dog enjoying some freedom. Ah – so peaceful. This … Continue reading

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We’re guessing this little raccoon mistakenly walked across Jaska’s turf during the night and made his escape up the tree. I brought Jaska inside and the little thing just curled up and went to sleep. It spent the entire day … Continue reading

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Frosty Mornings and Bouncing Dogs

These pictures are taken directly behind our house on a frosty morning.  (Except for the first photo in which Jaska is pouncing.  It was a non-frosty morning.)   Jaska does a lot of bouncing like a kangaroo…. trying to catch … Continue reading

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As if a Fur Double-Coat Wasn’t Already Warm Enough

Jaska the bear dog endured at least twenty minutes of Noah arranging and rearranging the blanket over him this morning. When he slowly got up and meandered over to the table in search of crumbs, Noah was not too happy. … Continue reading

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How to Shop Vac Your Bear Dog

Zach is brushing…… I am vacuuming…… Trying anything to keep the hair situation under control. He is a shedder! I knew that already, but now that he’s inside so much I can really tell. I had to bribe him with … Continue reading

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Photo Heavy Post

Jaska pulled out one of his stitches and that area reopened.  Graeme stitched him back up and now we keep a sock over his foot.  He leaves his bandage alone with the sock over it.  All his trips outside include … Continue reading

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