A Few Bits of Summer

I’m not even going to try to catch up on what I’ve missed of summer. Truly, the goats sabotaged my summer without even being here. 🙂 It was quite a production to get ready for them with terrain challenges, lack-of-skill-and-know-how challenges, and all the fullness of life without getting ready for goats. If Dad didn’t end up coming up to help I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have pulled it off. Even with his help, I found myself finishing the gates after supper the night before we were leaving to pick up the goats! Ah… the trip was extremely peaceful and I enjoyed the time with my husband, Gabe, a visit with Paisley and Rob, and finally – picking up my goats! Now that they are actually here they are easy. At least, so far.

Let’s back-track a little, though. This photo was taken on an outing with a neighbour to dig up sugar maples. See the bear scratchings on the old cabin? Looks like he’s claimed this as his own. Glad we didn’t see him.

Chocolate Tube Slime



Somewhere I have another photo of it “opened” but I couldn’t wait for Flickr to load my photos again to find it.

Breakfast at the cabin on the first sunny morning.

Heading out to catch some pickerel.

It was a cold, rainy trip to the cabin, but we got a couple of sunny days at the end.  We came home with trout, pickerel, and a few lobster mushrooms.  It was a good time.

Katie and Gabe

A nearby hike – this is taken from the US side. (You can hike in on the Canadian side or the US side.)

The mini barn. I’d like to get some better shots that show a fuller view. On either front corner of the building you can just see the gates attached (bucks on left side, does on right side). Inside the “barn” the closed in part is the goat shelter (one opens on each side for the bucks and the does), and the rest is hay/straw/supplies storage and we’re sticking all sorts of implements in there that haven’t really had a proper home anywhere else yet.

Here’s a view from the does’ side.

The first breakfast at their new home.

Walking the goats! The kids know to watch those bucks closely and keep them at leash length from the does if they start getting any ideas!

Carpenter ants fastidiously emptying a large spruce of its contents. We need to make a plan to take the tree down before the ants (and a wind) do, as it will naturally fall either on the mini barn or the sauna.


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