House of Potters

Waking up to another blizzard yesterday, my list of outside to-dos got cancelled. The kids voted (not that it was put to a vote) for finishing the set-up of the pottery wheel. “The pottery wheel?” you ask. My husband has an every-seven-years or so birthday gift plan. Apparently I was due for one this year! He surprised me (big-time surprise) with a pottery wheel! He ordered it in time for my birthday, but his call week prevented him from picking it up. Finally, he got it and then the last blizzard prevented him from driving his car down our driveway (it’s a long driveway) for several more days. One evening – on my way to pottery lessons, in fact – I noticed a rather large box filling the back of his little car. The following day I asked him about it, and he said “it’s a box”. The driveway was still deep in slushy, snow, so he and Zach unpacked it at the car and carried the parts back to the house where I was let in on the mystery of the large box.

Well, we started setting it up the day before yesterday only to discover there were still some parts in the car! When Grae got home from work I was sure to get them, and yesterday we finished the set-up in the morning. After that the day was all about pottery! I did a couple of demonstrations followed by each boy having a lesson and a good chunk of time to play with clay on the wheel! If pottery wasn’t enough of a joy already, it’s even more fun now that I can share what I’ve been learning with my enthusiastic little potters! They all really loved it! Here are some shots of the whole affair. Danica was quite content to make a few little items by hand, thankfully. She’ll have to do a little more growing first!











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  1. Love this last shot of N. What a wonderful birthday surprise!

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