Birds, Snow (Again), Sap, Greenhouse, Etc.

Balto and Mystery (our only named chicken) sharing kitchen scraps. We’re not quite ready to leave Balto unsupervised with the chickens, but we’re close. I don’t think he thinks about eating them any longer.

The warblers started to show up right after the big dump of snow. It seemed as though they knew spring was on the way.

Those happy chickens got to enjoy about three snow free days. And now we are under another 15cm or more as of yesterday!

The variety of birds at the feeders right now is incredible! Juncos of all phases, all sorts of sparrows (Bird nerd though I was, I never got the sparrows down; I’m learning them now, thanks to Zach.), thrushes, and the exciting spot of the day – a rusty black bird that, under the conditions of food scarcity, is attacking and feasting on the other small birds! The waterfowl variety has been very interesting too. On the drive to town this morning Zach and Graeme saw a woodcock surrounded by smaller birds of all varieties. They said it looked as though the birds were holding a council.

Rusty blackbird: a shifty looking fellow.

Rusty blackbird enjoying a meal.

A sampling of how many birds are congregating around any available food source.

A LOT of dead bees. There is still a live cluster in the hive. We have yet to determine if the queen is alive. We need a warm day to look for her. Even if she is, the hive will be getting a very weak start.

The birch sap is flowing.

Zach at work in the greenhouse.


These are some of his own personal bedding plants.


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2 Responses to Birds, Snow (Again), Sap, Greenhouse, Etc.

  1. Monica says:

    Great pictures and information Angela! Thank you for sharing! Just out of curiosity, where did you purchase the greenhouse from? We’re thinking about putting one up here and I like the look of yours! 🙂
    Thank you again,

    • Angela says:

      Monica, these photos are from a local commercial greenhouse that our oldest son is working/apprenticing at. It would be amazing to have a greenhouse like it at home! 🙂

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