Snow. Snow. Snow.

Monday morning – 6:30am. Shovelled enough to get truck turned around so Graeme could take it to work. Kids and I cancelled plans for the day and hunkered down at home. Electricity was out from about 7am to 12pm.


I think we set up the trampoline a bit prematurely. By Friday (above) we were cleaning excessive weights of snow off of it for the fourth time in one week!

Hmmmm…. will we make it out the driveway to the music festival?

Yep. Because my dad is driving.


No amount of pleading from the back seat could change his mind.

And do you know what? The festival was great. Now that we survived the trip – both ways – I can say it worked out for the best. The adjudicator was fantastic, and it was a nice conclusive ending to all the work (and struggles and issues) that was involved leading up to it. It will leave everyone with a better idea of whether or not they want to do it again next year.

Back at home we all had fun playing and exploring in the deep snow (which by now was measuring, on average, 28″ deep)!

There was going to be more to this post, but all the photos aren’t uploaded yet. So I’m going to bed.

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