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March 21st

March 21st

March 31st

March 31st

Zach has been working/apprenticing at a local greenhouse two days a week.  Here he is with some of the market vegetables that are being grown hydroponically.

This has been a great opportunity for him to exercise his green thumb…. literally. His hands are often very green when we pick him up.  After picking hundreds of tomato suckers off he’s got more than just a green thumb!

On top of picking suckers, pollinating flowers, hauling soil, scrubbing gutters, planting seeds, and watering, he’s been able to start all of his own seedlings (with his own heritage seeds) in this wonderfully controlled environment, which has been very exciting too.  The owner seems to enjoy and welcome him there at least as much as Zach enjoys going.  They’ve both got lots of ideas and plans that they are always bouncing off of each other.  This has developed into at least one idea that they are going to put into action fairly soon – experimenting with growing heritage watermelons hydroponically for market.

We’ve also been offered the use of a quarter acre of his land to grow a garden on, which we are going to take advantage of.  It will be a great location to plant some corn, potatoes, and a few other things that won’t do so well in shale!  Or, you know, just take up too much space to try to grow in raised beds at this point in our gardening development!

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