Potting and Skiing

Yesterday evening was our night to retrieve the final pots from my recent potting class. For two weeks I’ve been uncertain as to whether or not I’d sign up for the next class that begins in a couple of weeks. I love it! But it’s a hard time of the day to leave my family, I don’t feel like it’s directly contributing to the family, I get home so late (especially if I hit a snow drift), and so on and so forth. When I saw the results of my last pieces I had to take the next class! There was one spot still available.






We worked on a “series” – that is, several items the same. We all chose various things: plates, bowls, mugs. One of the main motivators to continue with the next class so soon was that I only got four of this series completed. I couldn’t pull off the whole set, so I’m really looking forward to adding at least two more mugs!


A french butter keeper glazed to match my honey pot!


My instructor is 80 years old. He is an amazing teacher and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from him. I’m thankful for the support of my children, my husband, and our nanny! Hopefully before too long I’ll have a wheel at home and can start passing on some of what I’m learning to the rest of the clan! This is where Graeme has encouraged me; to consider that this is contributing to the family, for once I get set up at home I’ll be able to teach the kids! They are looking forward to this too.

I only took a couple of photos from the beautiful trails we skied today. It was a perfect day to be out skiing!


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