Did I mention the inaccessibility of our shoreline recently?  Yes, I think I did.

I decided to take advantage of the ice ledge that’s built up along the shoreline and go for a snowshoe in a direction we can’t normally traverse by foot.  Turns out…. we still can’t.  It didn’t take long before I hit some gaps in my ice ledge.  Nothing to it.  I’ll just climb this ledge, carry my snowshoes through dense, deadfall forest, and find a place to descend back onto the ice.  This, too, was achieved without too much trouble, except that the dog had more difficulty descending.  He didn’t take the solid path that I did.  No, he came straight over the crumbling lip, loosed a boulder nearly as large as himself, and charged straight down with one final leap saving him from being “bouldered” over.   Hmmm…. so maybe we needed to find a new way to get back up.  We continued on finding more gaps in the ice ledge, but thankfully also another way up the ledge (there are not many of these).  By this point I thought it was shorter to head for a known beach and access the trail to return home.  It was farther than I thought.   Anyway….. after terrain getting more dense, more boulder strewn, more steep with no access back to the ice ledge, we climbed over a large, rocky hill, descended the other side and returned on the trail.  Phew.  Good workout!

It may not be very accessible but it is spectacularly beautiful and good for a little adventure and exercise!  And Balto got to role in otter skat.  So we both returned home happy.

The following day I walked in the opposite direction with my four young’nes.   That shoreline rounds the point off of the main lake leading into the quiet, flatter bay, so it was a much more leisurely walk.  I wish I took my camera for the beautiful snow formations created by the wind.  The lighting was perfect.  I’ll try to get back soon and it’ll be even better now since I had my camera cleaned and those fuzzy dark spots (see top photo) that show up in a lot of my pictures will be GONE!!

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