Ice Fishing







Being out here kind of made me want to live even farther from the city. It was gorgeous and everything seems so accessible compared to our rugged plot of land. Electricity and telephones? Not so accessible. But that is where solar comes in. And the cell phone coverage was great. Next time…. Noah and I are going to remember our skis.

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3 Responses to Ice Fishing

  1. Paisley says:

    did you catch anything? G has a new hairstyle!! I like it!!

  2. Angela says:

    We didn’t catch any, but the generous Russian 🙂 we were fishing with sent us home with the two lakers he caught before we arrived! We arrived after the morning biting time (as we had numerous delays such as realizing both G and I had expired fishing licenses). Also, he said they bite on sucker minnows which the bait shop was out of.

    G’s hair is new again…. I just buzzed it all off yesterday before he and the two big boys left on a conference/ski trip.

  3. Paisley says:

    ski trip/conference sounds awesome! glad you got some fish – even if they weren’t caught on your hooks! I love having your blog posts … it’s so nice to see how you are!! Hugs!

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