Water, Ice, Candle Lanterns…..

This is going back a while. Proof that the rink did get used! It’s been out of commission for a while now, but at least it did get used! There is always next year for improvement!

There is something I love about this picture…. two little mischievous monkeys using the furniture as a jungle gym – against policy – but it was so cold outside. I let it slide.

We got a new copy of “Goodnight Moon” so this was Danica’s first introduction to a book that was a favourite of the boys when they were little. She looks very serious, but I think it’s more about the sun in the eyes.

This little sweety is such a joy!

A hike from our house to a secluded shoreline, good friends, warm fire, lunch, a harmonica….. what else could one ask for?

I did nearly frostbite Katie’s feet on this hike and I was sick about it until her feet returned to the normal temperature and “texture” and they were fine! Scary.

A frigid morning overlooking Lake Superior.

Katie enjoys watching all the little mini-concerts that are performed – as she thinks – just for her each day. This one was tailored especially for her pleasure!

The problem with this guy is he’s just not nearly happy or silly enough! 😉

He was enjoying a fair amount of skiing until Balto chewed the bindings off his skis. 😦



The ever-changing shoreline. The lake has been freezing over a lot more than it did last year. This particular day it had been frozen over night and all of the sudden the mass of ice started moving at a steady rate toward shore, breaking and piling up on the shoreline. This went on for a couple of hours before it had all moved in and the lake was again water.

The following day was different again, the shards of ice taking on a very aqua colour.




She pretty much lives in this “birthday skirt” now, wearing it under the dress of the day (or hour), with shirts, and some nights insisting on wearing it to bed. It’s time to sew some more skirts!

I’ve been taking another pottery class. I hesitated to sign up for a variety of reasons, all of them being confirmed as valid reasons since I started! Still…. I am enjoying it very much. Do you want to know why I hesitated? First of all, whenever I start potting again it makes me want a wheel and kiln at home. Graeme pointed out that it might not be that far off to me being able to get one. I signed up. Then I was reminded how I feel about doing that drive in the evening, leaving my family behind, getting home so late (around 11pm), and all the while feeling like it’s not directly contributing to my family. Again, my dear husband was encouraging in this and pointed out that once I get some equipment at home I can teach my children pottery so it’s indirectly (at the moment) contributing to the family. Last Tuesday was amazing! It was like everything came together and for the first time I felt like I had (almost) complete control of the clay. As I watched the clock I forced myself to stop, clean up, and head home when what I would have loved most was to practice while everything was going so well! (This is why a wheel at home would be ideal!) Anyway, here I share with you the first few finished pieces from this course. I won’t have many. I’m trashing the things I’m not happy with and only firing and glazing the better ones. I’m going for quality, not quantity. Our instructor is eighty years old. He has decades of experience and is an amazing teacher.

In the above image you can see my very out-of-line handle! Very ergonomic if you’re left handed!

My first lidded pot…. it’s a honey pot!



Yay for another big snow fall…. enough to build forts, fortresses, and more!

These guys have been taking apart old junk and building them into “control panels”…. completely useless, but creative and fun for imaginative play.



And this one enjoys trying on ribbons, fabric scraps, strings, etc.

Getting ready to head outside with everyone, I didn’t think much of my statement, “Zach, Katie has the candles and matches” until he laughed and replied, “All the things a baby shouldn’t be given; a plastic bag, paraffin, and matches.”

And here is what the candles and matches were for! It seemed such a shame to let all that good ice go to waste, so we hauled some of it up from the lake and made these candle lanterns! Basically, it was just for the photo shoot, but we all agreed it would be lovely to set up a whole bunch of them sometime when we’re having people out for an outdoor winter party.




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3 Responses to Water, Ice, Candle Lanterns…..

  1. Lisa says:

    Great pics! I love the pottery. Miss you guys immensely!

  2. grandma betty says:

    loved all the pictures but especially the one with Katie sitting on the floor–just great!!! grandma b

  3. Dad says:

    It’s about time ! I know you’re busy.

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