Life is good.

Life is good.

A little adventure to another spot on the big lake:




We have one again. Actually… two. It took me all summer to find one and now I’ve got two. I’ll resell one in the spring. Now seems to be the time to unload trampolines.

I didn’t take my camera on our latest trip to the Old City.  It was definitely worth the 8+ hours driving each way for the two whole days of catch-up with dear friends, kids playing famously (accept for the odd attack by my daughter), great food, and good coffee! On the way home Mom had everyone together for lunch as we passed through and that was great too.  Puppy and baby were good travellers.  Z saw five (I think) species of birds he’s never seen including whooping cranes.


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One Response to Life is good.

  1. schantz6 says:

    So glad we could host you! Wonderful to catch up!

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