August – Installment VI: Puppiness

  • we have faster internet! The rocket hub is faster and, time (and usage) will tell if cheaper, and so much more pleasant to use than the s….l…..o……w satellite connection speed! Perhaps this could translate into more blogging.  Then again… maybe not. No promises.
  • I got out in the canoe with my husband! First time of the season. (What!?)  Always feels so good to get in the bow and pull the paddle!
  • books should be free!  Yes, I like that idea.  Check it out:  This is helping to curb some spending….. some.

On to the photos……


Crate training! Now why didn’t I think of this sooner? 🙂



Getting acquainted with chickens.


Mother cat…. watching the new intruder. She warmed up to him very quickly, much to our surprise.


Ten cords of wood. Instant new “play structure”.

The handsome little Balto (after the famous sled dog).

“Kids, wait for me!”

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3 Responses to August – Installment VI: Puppiness

  1. goodbean says:

    Oh, he’s so beautiful!!

  2. schantz6 says:

    I still find it hard to imagine that you have girls…so that means it’s time to meet them! 🙂 So nice catching up here and seeing what you’re up to. Looking forward to living closer and hopefully being able to see you soon.

  3. angie says:

    Seriously time to catch up! Still waiting for a final decision about Sept. but hope to see you soon!!

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