We are……

  • happy to have just had three weeks of Grae on holidays
  • settling back into the “normalcy” of call and barely seeing him
  • grieving the loss of our beloved dog, Jaska
  • growing in excitement about a new puppy to arrive end of August
  • losing chickens to foxes
  • chasing foxes away at dawn and dusk
  • tired from being up late and early doing Jaska’s job that he did so well
  • happy that the cut worms seem to have slackened off
  • reading Job to remind ourselves a few things – God gives and takes, it all belongs to him, it could be a lot worse, Job had a lot better attitude than we often do
  • looking forward to what looks like it could be a bountiful tomato harvest
  • wondering if we’ll get honey this year
  • hoping to find a blueberry source closer to home
  • glad we got three gallons of them up north
  • getting ready for a trip to Home Town
  • looking forward to seeing family and friends there
  • wondering how summer has flown by so fast
  • marvelling (still) at how fast babies grow
  • soaking in every little smile, coo, and snuggle
  • reminding ourselves that two year olds aren’t always two – for better or worse
  • thinking about the differences between work and toil
  • excited to have found violin teachers who will trek out to our house with their seven month old baby to teach five kids and a mom!
  • super thankful for friends who have given us a key to their house and opened it up for us to use as a “home base” in the city whenever we want
  • striving to fully embrace all of the facets of my role as wife, mother, friend, daughter, child of God

That’s it for now.  Perhaps I’ll get some photos up soon.

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4 Responses to We are……

  1. Oh no, Jaska… he was such a good dog! 😦

  2. Lisa says:

    So much going on! Sorry to hear about Jaska — I’m sure he’ll be missed greatly. Miss you guys lots!

  3. Neal says:

    Jaska died!? Oh, I never knew…. So sorry to hear about that. I’m going to miss him, too.

  4. Leeanna says:

    awe so sorry about your puppy 😦 sorry we did not get to see you as well. hope you all had a great visit!

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