Moths and other stuff

Old stomping grounds. Lots of water coming over with the recent rain and flooding.

A friendly tourist (or maybe not a tourist) snapped a shot of us.


Two big brothers on stage and Miss D “performing” as a dancer.

Miss K at one month old.

Gorgeous moon coming up over the Isle Royale. With a little experimentation on the settings I was able to get some impressive shots without a tripod.

She stares at and caresses these eggs so lovingly you’d think she laid them!

A play picnic on the deck. Too bad it ended in hitting, screeching, and harsh words about 30 seconds after the photos were taken.

Polyphemus moth… largest type in North America… found near an outdoor light fixture early one morning. Mommy kindly hopped out of bed to help trap it. Well worth it.

Crooked smile for big brother Z. These smiles delight us all, of course. I can’t think of many things that make my heart swell up in joy and thankfulness like the smiles of a wee one!

She reminds me so much of the big brother she now delights in working alongside. She shares so many of his interests. Thankfully, he is a patient and willing mentor, and this brings some peace to the household (and me!) while she is busy gardening with Z!

She’s not always causing trouble. She loves her little sister and is very tender with her.

More moth excitement. Z and G stayed up late the other night to try another large moth hunt. After about 30 seconds outside they caught a luna moth! I joined them for a while and they soon had one more. I came in to work on some things while I waited up for them until 12:30am. Finally, I called the hunt off because I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. They had a total of four moths. At the end they took a closer look and were ecstatic to find they had one female in the mix. At current count she has laid 71 eggs so there is a good chance of raising the larvae and having another batch of luna moths. This was the hope.

At current count there are 105 hawk wing moth eggs. Between the moths, butterflies, and chickens I hear a lot about eggs in a day! And I like it; except for the times when I’m being updated on the current moth egg count and the nuances of moth mating behaviour coming from two different tellers, while at the same time tending to a screaming baby, a shrieking two year old, a crying five year old (because the two year old just slugged him), a pouting seven year old who does not want to repeat what he just mumbled because he is indignant that I didn’t understand him the first time. Oh, but I did understand that apparently he was talking first and everyone else interrupted him.

Ahhh….. it keeps me talking to God all day. And it helps keep me humble because obviously I’m not the fantastic mom I started out to be (before I had any children). 🙂


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2 Responses to Moths and other stuff

  1. Lisa says:

    Great pictures — I’ll show the boys in the morning. We have a whole slew of “baby” polyphemus moths busy munching birch leaves in our butterfly tent. H found some cocoons last fall and they hatched in the spring, mated, laid eggs and these have now hatched. We actually have a sheet out tonight in the hopes of catching a luna moth or some other great find! The boys miss your so much, but it was nice to share moth finds by Skype the other day (and chat with you on the phone, too).

    Oh, and yes, you most certainly ARE a fantastic mama.

  2. Neal says:

    You are an amazing mother, Angie. Even after 12 years on my job, there are days when I wonder if I’m cut out to be a teacher. If I can have rough days, you’re certainly allowed to.

    Dani slugged Noah hard enough to make him cry?! Boy, she must be tough!

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