I ordered a Live Painted Lady Butterfly Larvae Classroom Kit from Canadian Home Education Resources, and posted on the local homeschool groups that there are live larvae available – being delivered in early May.  The kit guarantees 25 larvae (and up to 30), and the 20 remaining in the kit after keeping 5 for our kids were spoken for within a couple of hours.  I have since added a second kit to the order and there is one larvae available at this time.  Anyway, why am I posting this here?  I just thought that if any of you are looking for spring ideas that seem to get everyone quite excited, perhaps you could order a kit and distribute them among your homeschool group.  Because of the live-shipping fee of $30, it makes sense to order a classroom kit rather than an individual kit.  Everyone ends up paying $4.00 per larvae (based on 30 larvae being in the kit).  I haven’t calculated it out yet, but I think that with the second kit I will probably be able to ask for $3.50 per larvae now.

We did this once before, quite some time ago, when another mom ordered a kit.  The kids took great delight in watching the whole process and then releasing the beautiful painted lady butterflies.  I did have to ask myself why I’m bothering now, since over the last few years they’ve captured and hatched multiple types of caterpillars – all for free and with no coordinating and organizing on my part. Last summer we had jars of caterpillars in various stages, chrysalids, cocoons, eggs, and flight cages filled with every kind of butterfly that passed by. We had rearing sleeves tied on trees. And over this winter we’ve had a random stream of hatching moths that must require the cold outside temperatures to remind them not to hatch until spring.  Apparently the excitement of watching this process hasn’t dulled, though, for everyone is looking forward to the larvae arriving!

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2 Responses to Butterflies

  1. grandma betty says:

    great post but grandma needs pictures!!!!!!!! hope all are well–much love—betty

    • Angela says:

      Have you checked Flickr lately? There is fairly recent stuff on there. Hopefully more to come over the weekend. (It practically takes the whole weekend to upload pictures via our satellite internet!)

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