Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!  I’m doing a little catching up… mostly in pictures… for anyone who still visits this neglected blog.


Attempting to get some photos of everyone looking at the camera.


Cedar waxwings.


Two buddies sleeping in the snow.  Rip (the one on the right) is no longer here.  His owner decided to give him away and if it weren’t for the fact he was a runner (and showed Jaska how to breech his electric barrier) we would have seriously considered keeping him.


Playing the “fiddo”.


Just like big brother.


Piper in the woodshed.  Pippin (her brother) was in the garage allowing an injured leg to heal.  He no longer jumps up in wheel wells of trucks!





As requested (you know who you are)… the expanding belly pic.  Although there is no snow and I am lightly dressed, this really was taken in December.


Some of Noah’s creations.




Ben is the new reader offering stories to his younger siblings.




Is she shocked by our singing?  Or is it the fact that I would dare serve her leftover cake from a potluck as birthday cake?  I don’t know, but after spitting on the cake to attempt to extinguish the candle, she eagerly devoured her piece.  She’s two.


A happy birthday boy who is now seven!


A little knitting and felting.

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5 Responses to December

  1. grandma betty says:

    loved the pictures—that sure looked like a pirate ship to me Ben!!!!! Hope you get some snow soon so the skiing and snowmobiling can continue–talk again—grandma betty

  2. Charlotte says:

    Can’t believe Danica is already 2 and Ben turned 7 ! A happy birthday to both of them, quite a bit late, as usual… love the belly pic ! Sending much love and some of my snow to you !

  3. leeanna says:

    Happy Belated Birthday’s to everyone! we have been busy! we welcomed our new addition Tommy Douglas Preston Riffel on December 22, his weight was 8lbs 6 oz, girls are super excited and daddy is very proud, we got home Christmas eve, which was a blessing as well to be home with all the kids 🙂 we wish you and everyone a Happy New year as well and send lots of love to everyone!

  4. sara goldrup says:

    Looking good Angie! Thanks for sharing all the pictures of your wonderful family. Love the fiddo player! Can you send me your mailing address? I can’t find it. Thanks
    Love Sara

  5. meagger says:

    Happy New Year…. in Feb!!

    How’s the baby and mama doing? Miss you, love catching up on your blog. Maybe I’ll even update mine someday (a wild and crazy thought, I know)

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