Hawk Ridge September 2011

I’m pretty sure this is a Philadelphia Warbler that Ben is releasing, but I’ll have to check with the resident experts in the morning.



Uncle Sam with the magic touch of getting babies to sleep got Danica into such a deep sleep that he was able to slip her into the trekker for me and she continued to sleep for a long time after Uncle Sam and family left.


Gabe released a sharp-shinned hawk.


Zach and Gabe with their Hawk Ridge buddy, Erik – discussing and watching birds.

These here are the not-so-enthusiastic birders.  Not yet anyway.  They were ok for the first few hours, then it got old…. and cold.

And Zach with his Cooper’s Hawk that he waited patiently for after writing his request on the “wish list”.


We also spent hours at the waterpark, visited the Great Lakes Freshwater Aquarium, and celebrated Gabe’s birthday with a specially requested cake brought from home.  I just realized we didn’t take a photo of eating Gabe’s cake in the hotel room with the cousins and that’s sad.  No birthday cake shot of Gabe’s ninth birthday.  😦



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