Some other things to mention about summer

  • Noah fell head first out of the boat while fishing.  He was wearing his life jacket.  Daddy fished a very terrified little guy out of the lake.  The fishing hole has been renamed “Noah’s Hole”.  We caught a lot of trout there the following day.
  • We came SOOOOO close to hitting a bull moose on our way home from the cabin.  Closest I’ve ever come.  Closest I ever want to come.  We pulled over to recompose ourselves and readjust some of the items in the truck.  Phew.  And I thought a moose would look smaller from the viewpoint of a big truck like ours.  Not so.  Then you just realize how giant they really are.
  • Our hillside is loaded with wild raspberries.  We are eating a ton.  Aside from that, my goal is to get a yogurt-sized container in the freezer each day.  Every time we walk outside Danica says “cherry” by which she means “raspberry”, so I stick her in a patch and she picks and eats and I pick more for her.  It’s hard to fill my container if she is picking with me!
  • Danica holds the record for late walker in our family.  She has no surpassed the 18 month record by a whopping two months.  But she sure does talk a lot!
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One Response to Some other things to mention about summer

  1. meagger says:

    Oh! I’m glad you missed the moose, that is scary. I came across one on the highway a month or two ago, and blared my horn. He took absolutely no notice of me and continued to trot across the road to the opposite field. Wow…. what a huge creature, and it was still young too.

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