Stonework Pencil Can Project


  • empty cans (soup, tomatoes, etc.)
  • small, smooth, thin beach stones
  • tile adhesive
  • tile grout
  • tool for applying adhesive and grout (we used popsicle sticks)
  • sponge and cheesecloth for cleaning according to grout directions


Getting ready.


Apply a layer of adhesive. The instructions said “thin”. Never having done tiling work before, I did it too thin and the project started out causing some panic and frustration. After a thicker application on everyone’s cans things really got fun.

Stick the pebbles onto the cans. The adhesive does wash off, but the more you can keep of the rocks the easier it is to clean later!

Sorry…. no photos of the next steps in progress. I was a little busy!

We were all surprised by the consistency of the grout. We expected it to be less dry. (But I followed the mixing directions precisely and they emphasized not adding more water.) Anyway, because it was fairly dry the kids did need some help to pack it in and smooth it. Later, I realized we didn’t need to work quite as hard on getting it smooth because the first sponge cleaning (following the directions on the grout package) really smoothed the grout too.

Sponge off according to directions on grout. Wait. Clean with cheesecloth (according to directions). All clean!

And serving a purpose!

The boys each have one of these cans on their desks. Now… to make myself one…. I’m thinking of large tomato juice cans as utensil holders for the kitchen.

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4 Responses to Stonework Pencil Can Project

  1. chloe says:

    It’s like you read my mind. I am in serious need of utensil holders for my own kitchen. You’ve given me a great idea!
    P.S: Something you might find interesting if you don’t already know all about it. You can dye cotton, wool and silk in your compost and make beautiful colours! I met a lady at a quilt show who told me all about it and I am considering doing some this summer. Cool eh?

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  3. granite countertops edmonton
    Thanks, you guys that is a great explanation. keep up the good work..

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