Butterflies, Lightning, Agates…..



Pre-release party for tiger swallowtail.

I wish I got out my camera sooner. This was an AMAZING light show. I lamented not having a tripod and finally thought I’d try some handheld shots. Unfortunately, I decided just as the last bolts flashed and the storm passed over. Next time I’ll know.

Picnicking on our favourite agate beach…. and yes, we did find a few agates.  I forgot to take a macro picture of my favourite pink agate.  I’ll try to do that and post it sometime soon.


Many butterflies were caught and released.

And back home…. wiener roast and s’mores, of course.



  • had fun/good visit with Chrissy and kids
  • we got soil delivered
  • gardens started
  • plants in the ground
  • weather was beautiful
…… many more photos uploading to Flickr veeeeeeery slooooooowly via satellite internet.
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2 Responses to Butterflies, Lightning, Agates…..

  1. Chloe says:

    Ang! I love your photos. I always do, you are talented! I especially love the first one with Zachary and the butterfly. I was wondering if you had received my letter in the mail? Just curious if it made it there, was a few months ago now I posted it.

    Hope you all are well, your new home looks like a fun place to be. Hope I can visit someday soon!

    Maybe this summer when I am in Dryden we can try to connect!


  2. Angie says:

    Got the letter! I will write back… hopefully soon. Got behind in my letter writing since moving! Too much to explore and do! It would be great if you could visit. Email me your dates when you’ll be around.

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