’round here

Finding some fun new hideouts.




The view…..

Evening swing

Do you see Gabe up there?

Walking up the driveway


I managed to go to the greenhouse and only come home with two things – these fuschias and a small pot of hens and chicks. Oh, and a couple bales of pro-mix to get some containers started on the deck. There were SO many beautiful things, but I’m hoping to find beautiful things from other people’s gardens. Beautiful things they want to thin out. Beautiful things that don’t cost so much.

Yesterday we were wondering if we might get orioles here. Today this guy landed right in front of the door at breakfast. Question answered.
Yesterday Graeme took the kids for a walk. They didn’t even get to the end of the driveway and they saw seven species of warblers and identified an eighth by song!

For this extreme outdoor girl the big enclosed deck is a great thing! It satiates her desire (for a time) to be out in the dirt and rocks.

Ribbons of fog

Sorry, Paisley, no sauna pictures yet.  Soon…… maybe even sooner if you come out and we get it fired up together!

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One Response to ’round here

  1. Paisley says:

    i’m going to comment on every post so you know there are people reading! I love that you have an ‘extreme outdoors girl’! She’s going to graduate from Shield Baby to Shield Chick as the years go by!

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