About the move….. it couldn’t have gone better! My super-helper made everything easier! Then we were loaned a truck and enclosed trailer by the house seller, and given permission to move in early. This allowed us to move a lot of our stuff over the weekend, which Graeme had off, leaving only the big furniture for the movers. I didn’t expect to be able to change the date for the movers on such short notice, but we were also able to move their date up to Monday from Tuesday. So by Monday afternoon we had completely moved in to the new house! We’ve been sleeping here since last Friday, so it’s almost been a week now.

We are grateful for the wonderful help we’ve had (G’s mom is here too), and for how everything fell so smoothly into place to get us even sooner into this place that we were so eager for! It feels so good to have the ideas rolling now and nothing to stop us. We can do whatever we want here. Let the projects begin! And, oh, the privacy!

Danica loves her freedom on the deck. She is able to go in and out as she pleases, since there is no escape route off the deck! She loves it. If she can’t be really outside, this is the next best thing.

Trying to order Grandma around at the breakfast table.

A hike up the mountain.

Looking down on Noah and Grandma.

Goldfinch flying toward feeders. (by Zach)
There has been great bird watching happening….. Zach’s fears that it may be a less desirable birding location than the last place have been assuaged.

Rock wall builders.

Puzzles with a view.

Move over, Jaska.
Jaska is happy here too.  There are plenty of squirrels to yap at, ground hogs to harass, and hills to climb.

Day two of rock wall building and it extends all the way down to the wheel barrow you can see in the distance!




Many more photos to come, I’m sure.

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2 Responses to Post-move

  1. Paisley says:

    love love love love it …
    i miss being there already!!
    we need pictures of us inside the sauna!

  2. sara says:

    Looks amazing Angie. Can’t wait to see it (and the family of course). Love Sara

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