Still Here

My “I’m thinking of quitting blogging” statement has gotten quite a lot of feedback.  (This wasn’t posted on my blog, by the way.)  Well, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do about that yet.  I might continue blogging but change a few things.  Meanwhile, I’m getting my previous blog posts compiled into photo books (something I’ve been planning to do for ages and was recently motivated to “just do it” after viewing a friend’s beautiful photo book).  We’ve already received our copy of “Under the Sun 2006” and we’re all thrilled with it!

For the last week of April we drove 13 hours (not counting stops) to visit friends.  We drove through the night and arrived early in the morning.  Too early.  We waited for signs of life.  Oh, what fun to see good friends!  What we didn’t know is that we brought a nasty gastro-intestinal bug with us, apparently.  The day after our arrival Noah started vomiting.  That was Sunday.   Within a little over 24 hours one of their kids started.  By Friday it had gone through 10 (possibly 11 – we think one may have had a mild case) children and three adults.   We departed on Friday evening, driving through the night.  We made the best time we’ve ever made on the trip.  Everyone sounded peaceful and quiet through the night.  At 6am Ben started vomiting (this was round two for him) and continued until sometime after we got home at 10am.  Phew!  What a week!  But would you believe me if I told you that we all agreed that we still had a great time?  It’s true.   It was rich and refreshing and blessed  in the midst of puking and diarrhea.  The sad part of the trip is that there were people we really wanted to see and were unable to see because of not wanting to share whatever it was we had.

A stop on the way down.


9 of the 11 having a smoothie break – a rare time during the trip where everyone seems to have had an appetite.
A rare moment when nobody was carrying around a bucket. It was comical, in a tragic sort of way, to see so many kids languishing on couches, carrying buckets and bowls around, and discussing the number of times they had vomited during the night. They really were all troupers, which I admired all the more after I had my turn.

We made it home in time to watch the ice go out. It was anti-climactic. En masse, it retreated without a sound, with barely a ripple. The following day it had blown back in and the bay looked iced over again. Then for a few days it shifted around, sometimes close to shore, sometimes across the bay. Finally, a few days ago it disappeared altogether. We aren’t really sure if it melted or sailed out to “sea”.
Whatever the case, we’ve been enjoying the open water, the multitudes of ducks, the beavers, and other passersby.



The next anti-climactic thing that happened was voting. All the kids came with me to vote and some were expecting it to be a little more exciting.


Little Miss likes to steal a couple of pairs of underwear from the clean laundry, put a pair on each leg, and scoot around the house like that.


I did not make this cake. After a great description of what kind of cake I was to make I remembered I’d packed all the cake decorating stuff. So I called in an order.

He’s FOUR!!

We have an A.MA.ZING helper for two weeks! I’m getting so much done during the day, and she is doing so much during the day, that I’m actually taking the evenings off – spending longer than usual reading to the kids (“The Secret Garden”, which I’ve never read and want another chapter just as much as the kids do), cuddling longer, reading my own stuff, writing letters. This is the last week pre-move, so having some free time like this is unheard of. And very, very much appreciated.

Sorry to the people I have recently written letters to (and you don’t know it yet) because some of what I wrote will not be news if you’ve read it here.  See…. a reason not to blog!

Today was a gorgeous day and we spent most of it outside. A lot was accomplished toward moving preparedness!

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One Response to Still Here

  1. grandma betty says:

    Noah the horsie cake is beautiful—glad you enjoyed it—see ya soon—grandma betty

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