Could Winter be Ending?

Warning: Random and Rambling

You know I love winter.  But this is getting a little long.  I heard that kids had a “snow day” from school last week.  April.  Today was the closest thing we’ve had to spring in a while.  The ice has turned a sickly gray.   There are still people out on it but I’m a little nervous.  I just don’t know this lake.  When we drive to and from the city you can see the open water moving farther and farther in the bay.  In my mind, it will just take one windy day to bust it all up.  Maybe I’m wrong.  The ice is probably still too thick for that.

We’re laying low anyway.  All the kids have been sick.  I got it a little, but mostly it’s just my voice that has suffered.  Day three of having barely a voice in a house of loud, boisterous kids. Not fun.  I’ve resorted to whistling.

We were in Winnipeg last weekend and were surprised to find this poster still up!  Six years!  He’s changed a bit.


We visited friends.


My how everyone grows up!  I would have liked to pop in on a couple more people, but Zach and Danica came down with a nasty cold the first night we were there.  They were wiped right out.  So there was more sleeping going on than was anticipated.

Three kids stayed with Mom and Dad. They had fun. We saw three of my four siblings, which was unexpected. (I didn’t know we’d see any of them.) Now we’re back and packing. I’ve gotten a lot of packing done in the last three days. I’m not letting these last few days of Anna being here go by without taking full advantage of her serving spirit!  Well, I guess I’m not quite taking full advantage.  We did schedule in some fun for tomorrow, taking advantage of Graeme’s WEEKEND OFF!!  This week held his first Monday OR which, we think, is going to dramatically improve family life.  Having this weekend off  is a good sign that it’s actually happening the way we anticipated!  Exciting times.

What else can I say?  We are all SO excited about the move.  Zach has been so sick this week.  Pretty much all he’s done is sit or lie around reading;  reading gardening books and magazines.  He is so anxious to get growing things, building rock retaining walls, planting trees.  Oh, how good it will be to have a place to call our own – to do what we want with it! To set down some roots – in the literal and metaphorical sense.   Oh the exploring that waits to be done!  If I ever worried it was too far (as I did one year ago) I need not worry.  We already have people inviting themselves out and we’re not there yet!

Oh, there is so much to say.  God is good!  But I can never give away too many details in my blog for I have letters to write!  I’m happy to expand my “pen pal” list, so feel free to request my address.  Or give me yours.  I can’t promise a quick turnaround on letters.  And I’m not good at sending the first one.  But once a good dialogue gets going I tend to be a little more prompt. Sometimes.

Here’s a shot of Ben almost taking a spill on the ice and then catching himself (taken two weeks ago).


My soul shall make her boast in the LORD: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.

O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.

I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 32.2-4

That’s all for now.

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