Post-Quinzee Sleep

On Saturday morning, Danica, Noah, Ben, and I went to pick up Zach, Gabe, and Anna. We had all the ski gear ready to head straight to ski lessons. Even though the boys had expressed the day before that they didn’t want to miss skiing (again), I anticipated that they might have changed their minds by morning. I thought they might be wet and cold, too tired, or just having too much fun. It was the latter. So instead of skiing we hung out, helped empty out the quinzees and pack up gear, and shared a lunch of hot dogs and cookies around the fire. We asked the kids what they learned from the experience that they would do differently the next time. And they do all want to do it again! (Anna and Gaëlle agreed that they were glad to have done it, but were looking very much forward to sleeping in their warm beds that night!) Anna spent the night keeping Gabe warm by piling on jackets and more sleeping bags. Gabe, who was shivering, moaning, and saying he was cold, then remembered none of it in the morning saying he had been warm.

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2 Responses to Post-Quinzee Sleep

  1. grandma betty says:

    frostbite and freezing children????????? I’m calling the CAS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Graeme threatened to call them on me many years ago, so this is just tit for tat. Hope all had a good time—grandma b

  2. Lisa says:

    Hey Angie — nothing like giving the new au pair an authentic northern experience, eh? Let’s try and Skype soon — Friday afternoon maybe? Miss you guys!

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