A lot of stuff from the past week plus

hot chocolate and snacks after the great quinzee snow piling

Danica getting frostbite. Seriously.

If Anna knew how much shoveling she’d do…. would she have come? 😉

What do you mean I look like I’ve been chewing on a green marker?

DSC_0057 - Version 2
Anna and the punks



snowball fight!

We put our friends to work on a new rink and let the warm weather (on Thursday) melt the surface. It refroze into a lovely rink! Thank you, friends!

skating with other friends on their rink

That’s me in the background and Ahsoka in the foreground. We’re dancing because…. oh, now I can’t remember. I think it’s because it’s somebody’s birthday, but I can’t remember who. I’ll have to ask Noah.

one week later…. (from the making of the piles)
The big night of the sleep-out….nearly cancelled because of the wicked winds (on Friday…. quite the contrast from the record warmth the two days before)….

I left Z, G, and Anna for the night….. and prayed. Honestly, I was more worried about the two au pairs than any of the kids.

Results of the quinzee sleep over coming in another post (once the pics upload).

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One Response to A lot of stuff from the past week plus

  1. Paisley says:

    i love how the ice in front of your house has become the winter playground! looks fun! hope Dani’s frostbite wasn’t too bad. Pretty hard to avoid when it’s SO freaking windy and cold! miss ya!

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