A little more on the rink.

This was the hardest part of making the rink!  After the boys helped me shovel it off yesterday afternoon we left it alone until everyone was in bed.  I went out at about 9pm, chopped a hole (that got my heart pounding), and started flooding bucket by bucket.  The stars were incredible!

This second picture of the hole is for any grandmas/great grandmas who might be thinking about calling me to find out how I am preventing any children from falling down the hole.  The upper part of the opening is big enough for my bucket, but if you look very closely you will notice a very black spot in the middle.  That is the only opening to the water below.  Besides, if it is as cold again tonight as it was last night, that won’t be an issue.

Leaving Zach in charge in the house, I got another bucket layer on.  Once Dani went down for her nap we went out with hot water and re-usable “swiffer” type things.  Dipping them in the hot water we “zambonied” the ice.  This worked marvellously!  As the water cooled or got low I’d go to the house and bring down another boiling pot of water while Zach and Gabe continued smoothing the ice.

The surface is already great, but whenever I can I’ll take a boiling pot down while the kids skate and touch it up!

These little girls needed a sheltered spot out of the wind.  (In the Chariot.)


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