Having fun with my new toy

The newest iPod to join our iPod fleet is a fourth generation iPod touch.  That puts us up to five iPods, all acquired with Airmiles!  My old iPod has been passed on to Zach.

The motivators for getting the iPod touch were – bluetooth access to controls in truck (not sure if I can actually do that yet), TV remote, and Facetime.  I was able to take video at the ski club today and using their wi-fi, email the video to Graeme at work!  Pretty cool. Who needs a cell phone?  Once we get Facetime working I could actually show him live footage of these events!  Better yet, once he gets his OR day switched, hopefully he’ll be there!

Here are some things I captured today with the video feature.  (I have a lot of video to share from the big ol’ video camera, but I can’t attach it to the computer without a new adaptor.)

This is Danica’s form of movement.

And Ben finishing his 1km race at the invitational races held today.

Thanks a MILLION to Patrick and then Stephanie for skiing the loop with Ben.  I would have been so worried that he’d skied off on the 7.5 km loop or was stuck in a snow bank somewhere!

Here is Danica, well acquainted with touch screens from Daddy’s iPad, trying to figure out why the touch on Mommy’s iPod isn’t working.

I’ve got photographs of the races on my “real” camera, but I’ll upload them some other time.  Noah decided to cheer his brothers on rather than race, but the other three boys raced.  They had a lot of fun.

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