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A friend sent me a link to

Here’s the video:

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4 Responses to Food for Thought

  1. Adrian says:

    This website and these videos are very interesting and extremely thought-provoking, and I certainly admire their desire to stop human rights abuses that are perpetuated in the name of ‘population control’. That idea goes back to Dickens, who’s famous miser Ebeneezer suggested letting the poor die so that they would ‘reduce the surplus population’.

    Two things:

    First, the math in this video seems to be wrong. The world’s population is approximately 6.9 billion. Assuming a family of four (as they do in the video), that’s 1.72 billion families. Assuming a nice house with a yard would take about one acre of land (leaving aside roads, infrastructure, any other type of building, farmland, etc) Texas has an area of 172 MILLION acres. Now, the total land area (no water) of the contiguous 48 States is 1.89 Billion acres. So if there were to be nothing but 1-acre house lots next to each other from sea to shining sea, then the whole of earth’s population could live there. No doubt very happily.

    The other thing is that while I agree that the major problem is resource access and distribution, not overpopulation, one of the other videos on the site seems to imply that our civilizations are going to end if the birth average doesn’t equal 2.1. That’s a bit of a scare tactic, I think, since it completely disregards the immigrant culture that has populated most of the western cultures for the last two-to-three hundred years and continues today. It seems to imply that if we aren’t reproducing ‘our own’, then our civilizations stop existing. A bit xenophobic, isn’t it?

    But everything you post is always thought provoking. I’d be curious what led you to look into this. Made me think!

    • Angie says:

      You are right. The math IS wrong. Texas consists of 1,402,267,680 square feet. With 1.72 billion families, that is less than a square foot per FAMILY. I wonder if they made an honest mistake thinking that the 172 million acres of texas were 172 BILLION acres?

      Anyway, faulty math aside, I didn’t get the sense anywhere on their website that they were referring to “our” (North American) civilization as separate from “their” (immigrant) civilization. Rather, I took “civilization” to mean global human civilization. And probably what they are referring in regards to the birth average dropping below 2.1 is the suggestions by some in the UN to institute a global one child policy, and/or put into place policies that would be very costly to women should they have more than one child. If this was put into place, globally, that would be a problem. Present day China and their decades long one-child policy is a good example of where this could lead.

      Thanks for pointing out the math problem. I briefly considered doing some calculations at 12:30am, but then decided sleep would be better. It made Texas sound much bigger than I’d ever imagined!

      What lead me to the post is stated at the top of the post – “A friend sent me this link”.

      P.S. You didn’t come back on Skype last night.

  2. Angela says:

    It’s 12:45am and I’m doing some math problems. The math IS NOT wrong on this video.

    According to Wikipedia the area of Texas is 696,241 km². That is 696,241,000,000 m². That works out to about 100m² per person for a population of 6.9 billion.

    This hurt my head. I should be in bed.

  3. Angela says:

    My problem was with not multiplying squared numbers properly.

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