Two Posts in One Day!

The best part of the day? Graeme was home and we had pretty much had the whole day together, which doesn’t happen often. Since Graeme had to go back in last night and spent the night, he got home in good time this morning.  We all went out for a walk/ski along the lake in the afternoon.  It was such a glorious day and fun was had by all!





This patch would have been great with skates!  I was recently introduced to nordic skates that attach to cross country ski boots!  What a fantastic idea!

Our neighbour testing ice thickness.

Danica eating snow.



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2 Responses to Two Posts in One Day!

  1. Paisley says:

    Dani just looks like she tipped over! So funny!

    • Angela says:

      When I first saw her like this it’s exactly what I thought. I started toward her to tip her back up, but she sat up, face full of snow, licking it off her lips, then proceeded to do it over and over. We laughed and laughed while we watched her. She had a very red face by the time we took her inside!

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