Ice, Sunsets, Wolf, Sheepskin Hat, Skiing

Early morning ship in the bay.

Dani was here.


Mommy and Zach.

Percussion session.


Mess making.

Wolf on the ice. The three big boys were down by the shoreline in front of the neighbours house when it trotted along. Zach tells the story best. He said something like, “Okay. Okay. Okay. We have to get back to the house, but DON’T RUN.” It was looking at them and they were looking at it. Zach says it was about 100 yards out and stayed that distance but kept pace with them as they walked along the shore. Once they got to our yard Jaska noticed it and he was very agitated. If it weren’t of the fence I’m sure he would have gone after it. So I’m glad we have the fence! Anyway, that was the excitement a couple of days ago. It was in the middle of the day. By the time I grabbed my camera it was quite far off, as you can see.

Noah trying to convince Danica to model her new hat for a picture.

Putting it on.

Brief moment for photo op.

And it’s gone.

What else?

I made it out to a ski masterclass last Thursday evening.  I learned A LOT.  And discovered muscles that I didn’t know I had.  The classes alternate between classic and skate each week.  I’m really excited about attending and hoping, HOPING that I can keep making it over the next few weeks.

Margarita leaves in five days.  We will be sad to see her go.  We almost got her to stay for two more weeks, but it turned out she’d lose a lead role with an acting group if she chose to stay longer.  So we understand that she has to go.  It’s nice to know she even considered staying longer in this wild and crazy house!  Now I’m trying to come up with a plan for the few weeks in between her leaving and Anna’s arrival.


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One Response to Ice, Sunsets, Wolf, Sheepskin Hat, Skiing

  1. Neal says:

    Margarita’s leaving, huh? Sorry to hear that … I was hoping I’d get the chance to meet her & play a bit of Magic.

    All the best to her in her career.

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