Bootes Shower

The day…….
  • got in a “fight” with four out of five kids before breakfast
  • regrouped, everyone got off to a fresh start
  • busy day of learning “stuff”
  • the bay is frozen!  oh, I hope, I hope it gets solid now.
  • four boys are thoroughly enjoying Life of Birds
  • Danica is enjoying leaving a path of destruction wherever she goes (mostly in torn tissue and paper, which she always manages to find).  Upturned cans of markers, dumped out blocks.  She’s getting quite fast in her funny little sidewinder way of moving.
  • early supper and then Margarita, Zach, and I off to the city for Zach’s fiddling group
  • got rear-ended.  Yes, in my new truck. 😦  The good news is there were no injuries to humans. The other guy’s truck is worse off than mine.
  • Zach saw a meteorite on the way home
  • Margarita, Zach, and I went outside to do a little stargazing and saw a few more meteorites.  Well, I saw one.  They saw some before I got out.  They were most likely part of the Quandrantid Meteor Shower (radiating out from the constellation Bootes).  I don’t think any of us will be heading out there at 2am when it peaks.
  • Well, now I’m starting to feel tired.  I was feeling really wound up.  Totally un-sleepy.  But now I think I could doze off.
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3 Responses to Bootes Shower

  1. Robyn says:

    What kind of truck did you get?

  2. Neal says:

    Too bad about the truck. Gotta hate those roads in N.W. Ontario.

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