A list

  • the holidays have been nice…… a different kind of pace, though I can’t go quite as far as to say “relaxing”.  Any day in this house is busy.
  • sadly, Graeme’s call the last few days has been busy.  Sadly, for us, and for those who require his care.
  • I got out skiing with a friend a couple of days ago.  I think I shocked other people I knew at the club by showing up without kids!  It was my second time on skate skis….. I love it…. but I have a long way to go.  And my friend and I are aiming for a 20km tour by March!  At this point it sounds impossible, but it sure does give me a new drive and determination to have a goal like that.
  • everyone is healthy again (after colds)
  • even more ice has piled up on the shore since the photos in my last post (and on Flickr)
  • it’s warm tonight….. the snow is melting
  • we just completed day one of the new meal program….. “Picky Eaters Not Accommodated” could be the title of the program.  Or “Mean Mommy Reigns Supreme”. Or “Eat It or Go Hungry”. I anticipate a few rough days (or weeks), but I’m not backing down.   There.  It’s on my blog. Now you can all hold me accountable.
  • everyone will look forward to the nights that Margarita makes us wiener schnitzel because they all, consistently gobble it up!
  • I wish I could have spent some time with all my family gathered in my hometown, but I’m also glad that I am here – home – without any of the craziness of travel.
  • I’m looking for more audio book ideas for our travels to and from the city and various other places.  We’ve listened to a lot of the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre Productions.  Any recommendations?


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6 Responses to A list

  1. grandma betty says:

    all the best to you with the new eating routine—If they don’t want it, they can make their own—not you,====them. I am sure it will work as peanut butter and jelly get old after a while especially if you have to make it yourself. If you want—–ship them down to grandma b and it will be a done deal—what a meanie!!!!!!!! lots of love—me

  2. Andrea says:

    We have Mama’s, the family restaurant. If any kid wants a different meal or a meal at another time (because that kids was “no longer hungry” at meal time), then they can pay for the food as in a restaurant. Otherwise: family time is free meal time. Each up and enjoy!

    In German there is a quote for after a meal: Warum fürzet und rülpset Ihr nicht? Hat es denn nicht geschmecket?

    (Ask Margita 😉 ).

    We are enjoying Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein on CD. Not Christian at all and some of the change ups can be kind of touchy if your kids are fluent in multiple languages… but we find it terribly funny.

    • Angela says:

      What a creative idea. That could either work really well or backfire (as in, child spends all money at restaurant) depending on the motivation of particular child. Hmmm…..

      I think we are over the biggest part of the battle: accepting that Mommy is not backing down. Smoother sailing already on the horizon. (I didn’t say “great eating” just smoother sailing.)

  3. Robyn says:

    Okay, I’m catching up with you after a month of being away! Great pics, as always. Love the family pic by the falls!!! How is the new meal plan going? No more PBH sandwiches? Don’t worry, if you are meanie mom than so am I. I will answer your letter soon! It was fun to have it waiting for me when I got home!

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