A walk along the shore







On December 16th I posted that the bay was frozen over.  That lasted for one day.  That evening we could hear waves lapping against shore.  Within a couple of days the ice was broken all up and now it’s gone!  And do you want to know something crazy?  On the one day the bay was frozen over there was a man walking out there with his two small boys!

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One Response to A walk along the shore

  1. Joanna says:

    Living on the lake I have found that some people just are NOT very ice safe!! You should see the ridiculous things people do here…like burn donuts & drive 90km/h across the road that is just thick enough to drive on…smart people around, yet they are the ones that just damage it for a safe driver to fall through!! I love your pictures!! 🙂 The boys are getting SO BIG I can’t believe it…Zach is looking like a young man more than a little kid and it’s crazy crazy CRAZY!!!!!!!! I still very distinctly remember the day you called to tell us you were pregnant with him, wow! Love you guys!

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