Some of what took place during the computer-less days

This is from weeks ago……. when we did still have a computer. We had no snow at our place, but plenty just up the hill before you get to the highway. This was a lovely day of doing something as a family after barely seeing Graeme all week.

Two little monkeys….. or jaguars or kings and queens or Robin Hood or Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth or Jill and Eustace…….. you never know with Noah.

One of many games of Magic the Gathering that have taken place since Margarita arrived!

……learning German….

The other side of our yard.

playing in the snow

not a great picture of an otter we’ve seen out front a few times

morning mists

These guys were helping get ready for a big day of having lots of kids over (20 counting mine) to play and decorate cookies. It was a wild day. I felt like my head was spinning! At one point something came crashing down off a shelf and we all had the same thought, “Not the fish!”

We have this fish that we took from a pond in September. He lived in a tank outside for a long time with the crayfish. When the boys released the crayfish we could not find the fish in the tank and assumed he’d been eaten. Much later, he was there again. We talked about returning him to his pond. I asked the boys to empty the tank and put the little fish in a small container to be returned to his home. Nothing happened. Not too terribly long ago I brought the tank in myself because the water was mostly frozen, save for a small little pocket of water in one corner….. with a live fish still in it! So this Survivor Fish was moved in the house, his ice block prison thawed, and I cleaned out his crayfish-poopy tank myself. In his new and smaller home, he’d just been set on the shelf the day before all our visitors arrived. We admired his hardiness for surviving such extremes, not to mention – he’s never been fed. (Though I suspect he has eaten algae and insects when he could find them.) Anyway, “CRASH” and we all thought the poor Survivor Fish had met his end. But, alas, it was the shelf right next to his that came crashing down and plant pot shards lay on the floor. No children were injured. No fish were killed.

I bought some fish food at the grocery store today. I hope we can keep the little creature alive until spring to release him back into his pond.

As for the cookie decorating extravaganza….. I think fun was had by all.  No photos were taken.  There was one injury.  It happened to Zach.  They were all out sliding and he hit his knee on a boulder.  Normally I don’t run too fast when they are screaming but I’d never heard him scream like this.  He would stop, try to move, and start up again.  He was terribly disappointed to be immobilized for the rest of the day.  He hopped around the house on one leg.  Yesterday he was bearing some weight on it, but still limping quite badly.  Today it is much, much better.

Checking out the ice.



In other news……

  • Margarita made wienerschnitzel (spelling?) and ALL the kids liked it! Then she made fridattensuppe, which most of them liked except they found too spicy. It was very yummy!
  • Yesterday was the first day that ice stayed.  There was still open water out farther.
  • The whole bay is frozen over today.  If it stays, the neighbours say it will be the earliest ever.
  • The radio collar dog fence is working GREAT!  Jaska learned so quickly and he has no will to cross the line.  It’s awesome.

I don’t think the post would be complete without a picture of Survivor Fish!

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4 Responses to Some of what took place during the computer-less days

  1. Andrea says:

    I gives me great satisfaction to see you learning German! Jawohl, sehr gut!

    Maybe you would be interested in some children’s audio books? Email me and I can send you some or at the very least suggest ones you could download from amazon…

    There are some really neat ones, my kids have some though which are both German and English (which they never really needed, but people gave them to us and they are entertaining).

    Weiter so! Enjoy your German food and lessons.

  2. Joanna says:

    Do you have more pics of Survivor Fish?? He looks pretty cool! 🙂

  3. Paisley says:

    what kind of fish is Survivor Fish? Will get really big? That would be awesome!

  4. Neal says:

    Margarita knows how to play Magic!? Cool! Did she already know, or did the boys teach her how?

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