I’ve Already Used That Title

I think I could title all of my posts “I should be in bed”.  Well, I’m not, and here’s a little catch up before I go there.  Again…. no photos.

  • I’m waiting for life to slow down a bit
  • I’m thinking about my re-post…. the golf ball thing…. and really wanting to fill my jar with the important stuff
  • a few days ago we welcomed Margarita from Austria into our home for several weeks
  • she started teaching us some German yesterday
  • with au pair interviews (for next girl), nanny interviews and research, looking for and finding a new truck, and an Usborne books show….. I’ve been feeling a little swamped
  • it’s not terrible, but I want more time to “hang out” with my kids
  • had a great visit with friends today
  • God is good
  • that’s all I can think to say……. except that… I should be in bed
  • oh, and that ice is starting to form on the lake



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One Response to I’ve Already Used That Title

  1. Neal says:

    I should be in bed, too. Even though I’ve got no classes tomorrow.

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