No Pictures Again

There are a lot of pictures sitting on my camera.  I’ll try to get them uploaded today and add them to this post later.

What’s up?

  • there isn’t a lot of snow here, but there is lots not far from here
  • the boys loved skiing and playing in the snow at the ski club yesterday. We stayed longer just to play in the snow, since we can’t really do that here yet. It seems there is a disadvantage of living on the big lake.  That might turn around once the lake freezes over, though. I don’t know.
  • the kids are all pretty much over their colds. Me too.  Graeme is getting there.
  • the birding continues.  You can’t imagine how many times a day there is an excited, “Look at the feeder! The hairy woodpecker is on the suet!” or “Look! Quick! Two eagles in the tree!” or “Mommy! The boreal chickadee!”  And today I said, “I don’t want to see the hairy woodpecker every time he lands on the feeder.”  It’s not so much that I don’t want to see him.  But I don’t want to be ordered to do so in a frenzied voice while I’m trying to do something that, to me, seems so much more needful at the time.
  • I dreamt about birds last night.  I wonder why.
  • I spotted red polls up on the road this morning while doing some fence training with Jaska.  I got Zach and while he was there we saw evening grosbeaks and two pileated woodpeckers.  Could the morning get any better? 🙂

Thinking about:

  • au pairs and nannies
  • a big list of field trips ideas for the homeschool group
  • developing an intentional community (more on that later)
  • serving
  • contentment
  • thankful for all the people we are now getting together with/planning to get together with, but making a point of not making the weeks too busy with “socialization” 😉
  • giving more hugs and smiling and laughing more often
  • being a “Martha”, becoming a “Mary”  (Luke 10:40-42)
  • the lake freezing over…. hoping for miles of pristine skating ice!  My wish is for a giant dump of snow first, and then the cold that will give us the ice.  And then no snow so that we can skate all over the bay!
  • ice fishing, snow mobiling
  • upcoming birthdays – Danica is almost ONE, and Ben is almost SIX! And Graeme is almost….. old. 🙂 Three December birthdays, plus my mom, G’s dad, an uncle………
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2 Responses to No Pictures Again

  1. Leeanna says:

    Happy Birthday to everyone!!! I will send you a message soon to catch up, hope all is well, hope to see you all sometime in the future soon, maybe in Jan, we have 4 birthdays, 3 is our girls…:) good timing hey!!

  2. Neal says:

    Sorry to hear everyone’s been sick. I hope all are well now.

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