Not Ready

When the snow flies I get excited.  Snow means snowshoeing, skiing, playing in white fluffy stuff, walks through white and quiet forests.  I’m really excited that the kids’ ski lessons started yesterday and that we all got out on our skis.  But I just don’t quite feel ready for winter because…..

  • I don’t have my winter tires on yet.  I’m usually quite on top of this, but our lease is coming up and I was waiting to find out exactly when and if it was worth it, and all of the sudden it’s winter and, yes, I should have those winter tires on.  Hopefully this week.
  • We need to figure out our next vehicle before I end up vehicleless (new word).
  • Where are my snow pants?  Haven’t seen them since the move.
  • the entryway “set-up” is ever evolving…. trying to figure out where things can hang, where boots can fit, where slushy, mushy stuff will dry….. trying to train everyone in a system which keeps them from all stopping in front of the door in the narrow hallway.  Dreaming of large mudrooms.
  • I need new boots, but do I need them badly enough to go shopping for them with five kids is the real question?
  • we’re still getting some of the kids geared up for winter

The great news is that we got Jaska’s fence in before snow and freezing, and I do believe he is trained well enough on his boundaries now that even if the boundary flags (used for training) get snowed under it won’t matter.  This is a relief!

We can ski!  Did I mention that?  And we’re going to meet up with a couple other moms at the ski club once a week where we can ski with our kids and then tag-team child care while the moms get to ski ALONE!  I’m really looking forward to this!

Today’s weather foiled our plans to have my dear friend, Chrissy, and her three kidlets come up.  That also foiled the plan for Graeme and I to go to a concert tomorrow night. (Chrissy as babysitter.)  But I think we’ve overcome that obstacle and will actually get to go.  He’s on call so let’s hope I’m not there alone!  Not that it would be terrible.  Is it rude to knit at a concert?  I’m thinking about some little mitties I’d like to knit for my boys for Christmas.

The kids seem to be over the worst of their colds.  Graeme’s got it now. I’ve got something.  I’m not sure if it’s still percolating or if I’m already in recovery.


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