point form

  • she moves – our little Danica is mobile at last. We were visiting friends on Friday evening and she really got going on the hardwood floor.  After that she knew….. opportunities abound and she could get to them!  I have a video of her funny style of locomotion, but I’m not sure when I’ll get around to posting it.
  • our snow is almost all melted
  • my left bicep hurts from running the chainsaw today.  (You know you are out of shape when……)  The lady who owns the property across the road gave us permission to make trails on her land!  We’re aiming to get some ski trails that connect to some other, already made trails, so all we have to do is cross the road and we’re skiing on bush trails!
  • Zach entered his first data yesterday from his first count days for Project Feeder Watch.  He is so into it.  He talks my ears off about birds.  I say, “I think this is how I sounded when I was ten.”  Probably, and everyone was probably just as “interested” in listening to all the curious antics of birds that I was so eager to share.  Graeme says, “Good. You turned out alright.”  Alright?  Just alright?  (kidding)  Zach has now read my bird journals and three years worth of bird logs.  And he’s still not embarrassed by me!  Yet.
  • The dog fence is DONE!  To make this as short as possible…. I finished it yesterday just before having to feed my kids and go to the city.  In spite of the voice in the back of my mind saying, “Don’t test it now. If it doesn’t work it will make you crazy” , I plugged it in and IT DIDN’T WORK.  There was a break somewhere.  So I had to cancel a vehicle test drive that I’d lined up, because I was obsessed now, and find the break.  I found it, fixed it, shouted “hallelujah”, thanked God, and went to the city.
  • “fence awareness” training starts tomorrow for Jaska
  • hubby has been away.  Glad he’ll be back tomorrow.  Glad he got to visit good friends last night, but feeling just a little jealous that I couldn’t have been visiting them too!
  • a buck walked right in front of the deck yesterday.  Photos will eventually be posted.
  • my kids (not counting my oldest) turn the house upside down in very short order.  This is driving me crazy.  I feel like I can’t get this under control.  We clean up one mess only to find someone else has just created another.  There isn’t always time to make sure they clean up a mess (for example, when I realize it exists minutes before heading out the door for swimming lessons).  I feel like multiple moves has contributed to this problem.  There is always a period after each move where things just go wherever.  They don’t have a place yet. Even still (five months after moving) not everything has it’s place.  We’re always reinventing spaces, shuffling, reorganizing.  And there is so much else to tend to and do that I just can’t stay on top of the messes.  Though I can’t say I’m really fond of the name, I guess there is a good reason my in-laws have dubbed me the “Queen of Chaos”.  I’m open to ideas, tips, thoughts, suggestions.
  • I am tired…. very, very tired.  Time to say, “Goodnight”.  (“Time to Say Goodbye” – Andrea Bocceli – just popped into my head.)
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3 Responses to point form

  1. Paisley says:

    sending love to you from me. talked to grae last night, trying to see if he’d coil someone for me … didn’t know he was away! i have a whole lot of knitting to you show you when i get home. we’ll find a day when grae’s home and you come to my house and we’ll talk yarn/skiing/movies/lattes in front of the fire! dec 4th i’m home.

  2. grandma betty says:

    YOu still have lots of time to be an embarrassment to your kids—they just are not old enough yet—then, miraculously, they like you again!!!!!!! AND—-I have never called you the queen of chaos—who did that come from???????? good luck with all the clean up—with your brood it is an almost impossible task–looking forward to seeing the little one get up and go, even though it will be more work for you—much love—me—ps the ichat worked great with adrian the other day—I even had audio

  3. Prof. Tatu says:

    Angela, not sure if you check your flickr mailbox? I wrote to you to see if our society could have permission to use your borax crystal photos. Could you let me know? They’re great shots. (see full message on flickrmail) Many thanks, r.tatu@asee.org

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