Projects Complete

As posted previously, we continued work on the doghouse on Wednesday. These are the photos to go along with that. Gabe, Ben, and Noah all did a little staining, but Gabe alone continued and was a real, big help. While he stained the sides I was able to complete the roof, which we then both stained.

Here is the bird feeder that Zach built with one of its’ first guests.  He was thrilled today when a purple finch arrived.

Yesterday was a day of rest from all things dog-related.  We went to visit friends and had a lovely day with lovely people.  It was a Godsend.  Precisely the friendship, fellowship, and fun that I’ve been yearning for lately.


Today was the first day that all the boys didn’t join me outside.  They worked on various tasks and games inside. Danica slept.  They didn’t bother me.  I didn’t bother them.  Without their help I was able to quickly finish up the interior of the house – insulating it with foam, cutting and nailing on some hardboard, and finishing it off with a bedding of straw.  I still need to put some hardboard in the “hallway” to protect the foam.  I ran short of foam for the roof (right). Otherwise, it’s done.  The roof will remain removable for easy cleaning and bedding changes.  I took a couple of shortcuts on the interior, overlapping some hardboard or accepting some small gaps.  Even still, I’m quite happy with the results.  It is a doghouse, after all, and it was nearing lunch.  Hungry kids + neglectful mother = crises.  I don’t think Jaska minds!



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4 Responses to Projects Complete

  1. Joanna says:

    Question…I’m going to attempt to build the same house for Op, I’m having trouble trying to figure out how big to make it & how much lumber I need and I feel totally overwhelmed and frustrated by this. I know…pathetic that this overwhelms me, but I’m better at following plans that are pre-sized not sizing my own! lol. Thanks Sis.

  2. Joanna says:

    Well the “maximum” size he should reach is 36” at the shoulder. Right now his hips are at 33” & shoulders only at only 29-ish. So I am going to build it based on a dog that is 36” at the shoulder so roughly 40”-42” long. I figured 42” is easier since it 3.5 ft. I was thinking about it as I went to bed this morning. I have been thinking of it constantly…obsessing if you will…it was -14 this morning and I thought that is awfully cold for a houseless dog, even though he was in the house! Anyways…I was thinking of making it 48”x48”x96” (4x4x8) then making the sleeping area 5×4 & the entrance way 3×4 I think that would be good size for him….what do you think?

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