More stuff

  • last week was rough, but it got a lot better when I resolved to stop feeling sorry for myself for – not having any local grandparents, having a very busy husband, racing around like a crazy woman from morning ’til night and rarely having anything tangible to show for it, being starved for adult conversation, barely having time to read, not being able to remember the last time I knit something, not having my sewing machine unpacked and wondering what the point would be anyway since I’d clearly not have time to use it, not getting any exercise, never making music of any sort (piano, violin, guitar, voice), going to bed too late and getting up before I want to yet wishing I would get up earlier, etc. etc.  That’s it.  Done.  No more whining. Not even to myself.  (Of course, I will probably be able to copy and paste this portion of the post into another post a few months from now. )
  • I got a lovely letter (in the mail – not the inbox) from a lovely friend.  It was just what I needed.  Thanks, sweet friend.
  • we’ve hammered a lot of nails over the last couple of days.  We nailed the doghouse together.  Zach completed one bird house.  They have others in various stages of completion.  We set up nail boards for Ben and Noah to hammer.  The verdict is – we all like to build things.  (And I love my power tools!)
  • we set up Zach’s bird feeder today (pictures still on the camera). The birds like it.  They started landing on it immediately before it was filled with seed.
  • I saw two Boreal Chickadees this morning.  I ran for Zach, but he was disappointed to find they had already flown off.
  • Danica is not crawling yet!  She just might beat all records for lateness in mobility in this family.
  • we were having some sort of discussion about clocks.  Noah looked at the clock and said, “Is there some way to stop that second hand from turning cause it’s annoying me!”
  • when I have a moment to read, this is what I’m pecking away at (sorry no authors listed)…… “Talking About Death Won’t Kill You”, “The Israel Test”, “Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman”, a whole stack of home design books, and probably some other stuff……
  • reading to kids “Pippi Longstocking” and “Peace Child” – two very different genres
  • I had thought of so many other things I was going to share on here, but that’s all I can come up with now.
  • Bonne nuit!
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