A bunch of stuff

Saturday Sunset

The entire day was gorgeous.  I spent a good chunk of it in the city running necessary and not as necessary errands.  We found out the day before that the dry land stuff was beginning at the ski club.  I briefly thought about changing plans and going to that, but then thought better of it.  It would be foolishness to pass up a rare opportunity to run errands child free.

Sunday Guest

Except for meal preparation and eating, we spent pretty much the whole day outside installing Jaska’s PetSafe Stubborn Dog in-ground dog fence.  Zach helped me a lot and we were both impressed with our progress by the time Danica woke up from her first nap.  Graeme was able to help with some of it after he got home from work.

On Monday we were back at it.  The boys played outside all day.  We started as soon as Danica went down for a nap.  When she was awake we brought her out. We used up all of our wire and are about 100 feet, at most, short of completing the loop.  I’ve ordered more wire and as soon as it arrives we’ll finish it up and start the “awareness training”.  I’ll be so glad when Jaska is “free” again.   His kingdom will be somewhat smaller than it had become.  He was following people and their dogs on their walks and got to know very large range.  Then he’d do it whenever he felt like.  Whenever I meet new people on the road they say, “I know your dog”.  He’s been around.


He wants a “toy airplane” that he can fly and wear his “headset” in. I’m wondering if he imagines a toy airplane like his toy John Deere. And means one that really does fly.  He also wants to use my real headset, but I want to keep close tabs on him when he has that.  Who knows what he’ll try to plug it into.



Almost finished his bird feeder.

The beginning of the dog house – the insulated floor.  One of my Saturday errands was to pick up all the supplies needed for this project.

We’re making Jaska the “Ideal Doghouse for Ontario’s Outdoor Dogs“.

So far, so good.

Yesterday, we got the whole thing framed and closed in.  Today, with a little “Red Green” finesse, I got the roof/lid to fit on the nearly square dog house.  (Three out of four corners are square.)  Gabe and I finished up the staining.  We just have to finish the interior now – foam insulation and some hardboard walls.  We had to call it a day and tackle some things that are piled up inside (after four days focused on improving the dog’s life), and then head off to swimming lessons.

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One Response to A bunch of stuff

  1. Paisley says:

    i love the picture of Superman Noah gazing contemplatively out the window. We should have a caption contest, guessing what is going through his mind at that moment!

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