Pictures and some words

N6R_6167 7721
Danica’s first deer gutting observation.

N6R_6156 7710
Zach and Grandpa’s deer. (The letter is part of a class project his cousin asked him to do.)

N6R_6159 7713
We had to talk him into holding the heart. I’m sparing you the large photo in case the site of a split open deer carcass and sprawling guts makes you squeamish. Click at your own discretion.

The snow buntings have been flying into the neighbors newly installed windows. They brought a couple over for the boys to have a closer look and here they are sketching them.

A few photos taken on the way to visit my family last weekend…..


Then back home again……

Sorry, I’m not sparing you the fish gut view. The evening we returned home we found out the whitefish were spawning. With some chest waders that Dad had loaned us, we walked out into the waves with a net and flashlights. We only managed to scoop two fish. It was pretty wavy. The waves were even bigger the next night, so we didn’t try again. The third night we had plans in the city. Then they were done. No more whitefish. Now we’ll just have to wait for ice so we can go ice fishing for them!
I cleaned the fish the next day. Gabe and Ben got right into dissecting them. Zach had had enough with holding the deer heart the previous day.

The gulls and ravens had nearly cleaned up all the fish guts when, finally, the eagle made his appearance. He had circled in a few times earlier. This time he swooped in a grabbed some dinner.

Building a bird feeder with scrap from the neighbors yard.

Vacuuming with ear protection.

The rearranged furniture in the living room. It’s WAAAAYYY better…. seems more open, bigger….. just better.

More pics to upload. More stuff to report. But that is all for tonight. I’ll get the pictures uploading and that takes just about all night on this slow poke computer. Maybe another post tomorrow….. maybe.

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5 Responses to Pictures and some words

  1. grandma betty says:

    believe it or no, the deer guts didn’t bother me—huh!!!!! looks as if everyone had fun–it was ahoot to watch the baby’s expression on skype—you could hear her thinking ” who is that person and how did she get into the computer????” Noah will be the next person on stage the way he was acting too. Will try to talk again hopefully with ichat if the guy can help me tomorrow at the mac store in Tucson—-should be quite the adventure for computer illiterate me—I also added your mom and few others to facebook, but I really do not know what I am doing on facebook yet—again, not very literate—take care—bet

    • Angela says:

      You’re not exactly the squeamish type are you? That wouldn’t have served you well in your career!

      Good luck figuring the whole iChat thing out. I wouldn’t stress too much about it, though. Skype works fine, and Apple is doing away with iChat anyway. It just might not be worth the struggle.

  2. Paisley says:

    what did you change in the living room? i can’t remember where the things were before.
    looks like you had fun in (edited)”Hometown”! Is that snow in one of pics?

    • Angela says:

      The living room furniture is the same as when you last visited so you wouldn’t notice any changes! It’s kind of old news.

      Yes, that is snow. There was a good stretch of the way where there was a little skiff of a snow covering.

  3. Lisa says:

    And here I am, paying for expensive dissection specimens that reek of formaldehyde, while you just go out and catch something, lol! The boys were kind of jealous about the snow buntings. Nothing says “fun” to little boys like a couple of dead birds :-).

    Looks like you guys are having lots of fun. Miss you!

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