The Storm

The last few days have been…. interesting. On Tuesday we woke up to high winds, dark skies, rain, and by noon the electricity went out. It was out until 8:30pm. We watched a tree blow down during lunch. We bet on which other trees would fall before it was over. We were right on one. Branches are down all over the yard. I built puzzles with Noah. The little boys watched a movie (on fully charged portable DVD player). Big boys and I played Settlers of Catan – Seafarers. That was a nice thing about the circumstances. It forced me away from all the usual, electricity dependent things that fill my days. Graeme brought supper home from town, since we couldn’t cook here. I wolfed some down and took off to watch my friend’s concert. She is in the symphony and had a solo part. The house was dark except for a few candles and the kids were running loops with headlamps on playing some very exciting kind of game. Danica was content hanging out with Daddy, unaware of the fact that she was being left to go to bed without nursing for the first time. I said, “Good luck” and left. It was weird leaving the house all by myself to do something like going to a concert! The concert (and afterward, talking to adults without one single interruption) was great, and just to keep it from being too weird, I did get a load of groceries at a 24 hour Metro on the way home. At home, power had been restored. Kids were sleeping. Wind was picking up even more. It was late when we went to bed, and Graeme said, “It’s too loud. I’m not going to be able to sleep.” Usually, we complain when it’s calm and we don’t have our waves lulling us to sleep. But this night, the wind howled and the waves crashed and the trees groaned. It was loud. But we did sleep.

It was very dark when Graeme got up to go to work. He told me he was worried about our canoe because the waves were so huge. I said, “Oh no.” Shortly afterward he returned to tell me, “It’s gone”. As we peered out into the misty darkness I said, “I can’t see the trampoline”. We went out to view the spectacular waves and ascertain what had happened to the trampoline. The waves were INCREDIBLE. Wow! I have never seen anything like that on a freshwater body! The trampoline was suspended between two trees, frame and springs littering the ground below, netting and trampoline surface being beaten by the wind. What can I say? It was a sad morning. Our canoe….. a wedding gift from my parents, a vessel that has carried us on fun and memorable trips….. gone. The trampoline didn’t make me as sad. Especially since we got it for a such a good deal on Kijiji.  And it might, mostly, be salvageable.

Oh, and the electricity had gone out again during the night and was not restored until 3pm (just in time to make supper and get to swimming lessons on time). Paisley came for a visit in the morning. By afternoon things had really settled down. The waves had diminished to what we used to think were big waves.  I could now walk along the shoreline, so I left Zach in charge and decided to take a quick look for the canoe. Sure enough, I found it four houses to the east! It was wedged in a little “inlet” where the rocks had been cleared away to pull up a boat. The rope was tangled in branches. The gunnels are banged up, but with a little sanding can be restored. The bottom of the canoe has some good gouges in it. The canoe has a story to tell. The only way it survived is because it is Royalex.  The trampoline is still in the trees. I’m aiming to get the ladder and get it down today.

Zach snapped this picture of me trying to get a bucket of water for flushing toilets. This is a difficult task when the waves are so big!

A 14′ trampoline in the trees.

I also took some video early in the morning. If it turned out, I’ll post it sometime.

I had great intentions of being prepared ahead of time for our upcoming weekend, but now I’m catching up on laundry and cleaning that I was prevented from doing over the past couple of days.  I’m really thankful that no damage was done to the lines on our property.  That probably would have taken longer to get repaired with the backlog they no doubt our dealing with right now.  I’m thankful no damage was done to any other of our stuff….. vehicle, house, etc.  A storm like that really gives us a small sense of what a real disaster might be like, too.  We are so dependent on electricity.  You really notice that, too, when the power is out.  Zach, Gabe, and I talked a lot about features we would build into a house to make it more functional in a power outage, and generally more efficient and self-sustaining overall.

Well, that’s all for a few days, at least.  Actually…… I have one more little post coming right up…. and then I’m signing off for a bit.

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5 Responses to The Storm

  1. Robyn says:

    Wow! I think your “hurricane” was worse than our real one!
    I am always in awe during storms like that – it sure makes you feel small and helpless!

    • Angela says:

      I heard that it was similar in barometric pressure to a category 3 hurricane, thought not as strong. Also…. they say it was as strong or stronger than the storm that sank the Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975. It would have been amazing to see it from a part of the shoreline that is completely unsheltered!

  2. grandma betty says:

    great pic of the deceased trampoline–so sad too bad–glad all were safe inside–hope the canoe turns out ok—bet

  3. moi says:

    Hi Angela!
    Our power was out for 25 hours. Thanks to our wood cookstove we were able to cook and stay warm.
    You are back in the TB area? I bet living on Lake Superior, looking at the photos?
    I hope all is well!
    Take care,

  4. Neal says:

    I’m so glad that everyone’s safe. Glad to hear you found the canoe, too! Here’s hoping you can restore it OK … I know it’s special to you both.

    The Edmund Fitzgerald … that’s exactly what I thought of when I saw the first picture. Gitchee-gumee = one scary lake.

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