For Grandma

I was thinking about my grandma this morning.  I was particularly thinking, “I should get something new on my blog before Grandma starts to think something has happened to me.”  Then I heard that she was already wondering.  So Grandma, this post is dedicated to you.  Thank you for always caring so much for each of us!  We love you, miss you, and hope to get out for a visit at the end of the month.

The boys are sorting rocks from the recent trip.

Danica is keeping a running tally for them. She is wearing a beautiful sweater knit by Paisley’s mom. At the time it arrived in the mail I remember comparing it to Danica’s tiny, newborn frame and thinking it would be ages before she would be wearing it. Turns out it was only ten months. It’s a little big, so she has some room to grow. But, wow, it’s hard to believe! Thanks, Bev. Love the sweater.  Does it come in my size? 😉

For Thanksgiving we were invited to join some friends for dinner on Saturday. We followed that with a late evening visit to some other friends who live out that way. The weather was so incredible on Sunday that I couldn’t imagine staying inside. I suggested a hot dog roast on the Giant’s Head. The family agreed. It was a fantastic evening.

The boys on the Lookout.

Alex, this one is especially for you. Want to go out there with me next time you’re in town?





Family of Shadows

We ended up unexpectedly exploring quite a bit of a hiking trail. The kids seemed to have boundless energy, running farther and farther. The sun was setting, it was warm, and we all seemed compelled to keep going “just a little farther”. At least one little pair of legs started to tire on the return trip. What a lovely, memorable Thanksgiving Sunday!

Monday was a nice day at home. Visitors in the morning. Odds and ends in the afternoon. Lots of outside play. Nice.

Tuesday morning.

Feeling a extra dose of wanderlust – which I seem to be feeling a lot these days – on Sunday, I set up the tent for the kids to play in. I was feeling like camping, going somewhere, doing something. So we set up a tent in the front yard. We even talked about sleeping in it, but when we all got home from the Giant’s Head, tired and at dark, we completely forgot.

We’ve been watching this fishing boat setting and retrieving nets almost every day.

“Want some?” she seems to be offering.

“It’s good!”

With the tent set up, even some rain couldn’t drive the boys in the house.

It’s hard to get good help these days.

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