When the Weather Remains Glorious and Your Drains are Clogged……

…….. you go on a spontaneous road trip – rock collecting, picnicking, watching migratory birds, and visiting aquariums.
















This is one of the foxes that waits at the border to welcome you back into Canada.

We were gone for two nights.  It was a packed-full, fun trip.  There were a few trying moments, but mostly the same kind of trying moments I endure at home with little people. Upon arriving in the city, my google map directions took my the wrong way up a one-way! We survived unscathed.  Then I ordered pizza to the wrong room.  Eventually I figured that out and we got it.  Everyone tore into the food like we were starving.

We ended up getting home much later last night than I had planned (of course), but we were just having too much fun.  We went back to Hawk Ridge a second time, but agreed we’d stay only half as long as the day before.  Little did we know it would be a lot more hands on – banding and releasing birds!  So we ended up there even longer than the previous days.   Finally, we were on our way and still managed to stop at two beaches.  Previous to the second beach, we stocked up at the grocery store, and then had a big picnic on the beach.  We ended up staying there I-don’t-know-how-long.  I just know that when we got back in the van I was shocked at how late it was.  We were finding lots of agates and jasper and other pretty things, and the weather was perfect.  (We may find more agates yet when I change Danica’s diapers over the next couple of days!) Around 8pm we made a surprise visit to some lovely folks we know who live a little over an hour from our place.  We used the facilities, ate from our picnic supplies and french fries that they made for us, brushed teeth, donned pajamas, and hit the trail for that last eye-straining stretch of moose and deer highway.  We were home at 11pm.  The drains are draining.

I drifted off to sleep seeing agates.  Big agates.  Colorful agates.  I gradually awaked through the same mineral visions.  I would do it all again tomorrow.  Well, maybe the day after.  First, I have a lot of laundry to catch up on.

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One Response to When the Weather Remains Glorious and Your Drains are Clogged……

  1. Joanna says:

    That looked fun!!!

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