If People Will Keep Coming

Leaf etching.

Going up a mountain.

The point at which each of our eldest sons advised us not to go farther. One even suggested that we might have to “sacrifice” one to save another.

It did kind of just drop off there where the trail veered left. There was a cable to hold onto. But with a baby on my back and the thought of “sacrificing” anyone we considered it wise to turn back.

We enjoyed the views…..

….. and took pictures.

On our way home we stopped and bought a 14′ trampoline and net found on Kijiji for a great deal! We got it mostly assembled that afternoon.

Zach, Gabe, and Ben all had chickadees land on their hands for the first time.

The worst of the “isolated showers” passed just as everyone was arriving at the amethyst mine. (This was the homeschool group trip I planned.) We waited it out and then walked in to where the pit is. From then on, the day just kept getting nicer and nicer.

We left early to start getting things ready at our house. Zach commented on how he thought some of the parents seemed even more into it than the kids. It was funny because I thought the same, and the same thing happens to me. I think it’s because you don’t know until you get there how good some of the stuff is going to be. Being our fourth time there, we are getting very selective. And I swear you get better and better at spotting the good stuff!

Back at our place we at delicious food that everyone brought, roasted hot dogs and sausages over the fire, visited, kids ran and played and bounced (the trampoline got a LOT of use).   There were 43 kids counting ours and they all played beautifully the entire evening.





A few of us were huddling closer and closer to the fire after dark, clear sky, tired kids……. I really had a great time and I think everyone else did too.

No agenda. Raking leaves. Hanging laundry. Loving fall. Thanking God for more glorious weather. Family together. Friends stopping in for supper on their way home from camping. Feeling differently about living this far out…. if people will keep coming.

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2 Responses to If People Will Keep Coming

  1. Neal says:

    Ahhh, autumn in NW Ontario… already in full swing. I’d love to smell that wonderful crisp air, and see the colour in the trees. Nothing quite like it.

  2. grandma betty says:

    glad that the weather cooperated for you. It has been glorious here too—70F yesterday—21 for youses guyses. Hope all are well—ma

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