Sun for Saturday

The days are a blur lately.  Some are really productive learning days.  Some are annoying but necessary doctor appointment and groceries days.  Some hold surprises, like finding out a house that was for sale one year ago is for sale again. And looking at it within hours.  Then dreaming all night that we are looking at houses and finding all of the flaws that we wouldn’t have made if we built our own (in dream land, anyway).  Then waking to coughing child and not being able to fall back asleep because I’m thinking about how we would build differently than the houses in my dreams.  (Not “the house of my dreams” but “the houses IN my dreams”.)  Ultimately, I don’t even know what my dream house is anymore. Or, at least, where it is. I used to think it was located on a big chunk of land a good clip from the city.  Now I want to be closer.  Smaller property is ok too.  Lately, I’ve been contemplating throwing all the kids in a motor home and traveling for a couple of years with Graeme meeting up with us whenever and wherever he can.  Hopefully, at the end of that a great, functional house would be ready for us to move into!  That idea has about the same potential as my yurt idea, though.  Well, maybe it’s a little more feasible.  There is this restless part of me that wants to go.  Yet this other part of me that likes to be planted in my community.  I guess my biggest disconnect right now – though we are on a beautiful spot that I am thankful to God for – is not being able to really plant roots here.  Literally, and figuratively.  There are a lot of projects we want to build and do.  But knowing that we could, possibly, be out of here by next summer, and that as renters, we just can’t do some stuff….. motivation and inspiration dwindles. And I get antsy and start thinking about crazy things like living in a motor home. All that aside, there is no shortage of things to keep us busy!

Meanwhile, we’re getting organized for a big gathering on Saturday.  I arranged an outing followed by pot luck/bonfire at our place with the homeschool group and response was, uh…. overwhelming.  Yeah, so we’re getting ready for 35 kids plus their parents (and that’s not counting ours) to be here on Saturday. We’re excited and looking forward to meeting some new people, but seriously hoping and praying for SUN!

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